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GUNPOWDERLane Biography

3 accomplished musicians came together and created an acoustic musical experience for the listener by combining tight harmonies, intricate instrumentals, and strong voices accompanied with the varied mix of guitars, mandolin and harmonica. They have developed their own unique sound and arrangements in the acoustic roots genre for their original music and cover songs alike.  Occasionally, you'll find them sharing the stage with other musicians that sit in, adding new flavors and dimensions to the experience.

Todd Breck found a harmonica on the floor in high school and never stopped playing it. In college he started playing guitar as part of a duet performing Spanish folk songs and was one of the founders of the Tranquillizers, a men’s acapella group. After college Todd started the first Wilmington coffee house, The Attic on Orange St. He continued with his music as a co-founder of Whirled Peas, acoustic musicians, who have been together for well over 15 years with 4 CDs available. He is an active singer songwriter and plays guitar mandolin, harmonica and flute.

John Frink started playing guitar when he was given one on his 10th birthday. He has since expanded his musical expertise by mastering the 6 string guitar. He has been influenced by a wide range of guitarists including Doc Watson, Merle Travis, Norman Blake, Etta Baker, Elizabeth Cotton and many more. He has a strong baritone voice, writes musical compositions , and has 2 current CDs of his own available. John also played at the Attic Using a tennis racket as his first guitar and listening endlessly to the Beatles.


Rob Tietze formed his first band, The Beatniks, at age 7. It wasn't until college that he started playing his first real guitar though, where he also formed folk duo Tobacco Road. Since then, in addition to having a blast as part of GUNPOWDERLane, Rob has passionately continued his life-long journey toward mastery of the instrument, composing and performing as a solo guitarist. Along the way, he's studied with several guitar luminaries, including Alex DeGrassi, Pierre BenSusan, Russ Barrenberg, David Surrett and local jazz guitarist, Judith Kay. Recently, Rob won 2nd place in the Martin Guitar Fingerstyle Competition at the 2013 Philadelphia Folk Festival and has completed 20 new compositions for guitar.

3Ple? We decided 3Ple wasn't a great name for our trio so used our super  powers and changed our name to Gunpowder Lane...which is where we actually rehearse and record and have a blast making music...get it?  A blast making music? Never mind:)
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